A Company Built from Hard Work

I started my career in the landscape industry in 1984, working for a company in my home state of Maryland. In 1992 I went to work for Craig Ruppert who taught me how to run a successful business, to give back to the employees & the community, and to honor God. We used to have Field Days where we performed community projects and had fellowship as a company. The most fulfilling moments in my career were doing those community projects as a company.

During my 30+ year career, I've experienced every position from Crew Laborer, to Branch Manager, to Director of Operations.  I managed branches ranging from $2 million to $6.5 million. 
I provided financial reporting to stock holders and budgeting for the business year over year sales, in both maintenance and landscaping. I learned that I had to trust my employees, work towards their strengths, and help them get stronger in the areas they needed help. I have always believed that when your employees are happy and doing the best job they can, it shows in their work, and the clients notice and are happy to refer you to their friends and colleagues. One of the most important things I have ever learned, is to treat people the way you want to be treated.

Each company I worked for has taught me great lessons. The last company I worked for mostly taught me what “not to do”  . . . over extend financially, dwell in the past, not trust employees to do their jobs, etc.  

I noticed over the past several years that many companies had gone down and were only concerned about the market share and profits.  They had forgotten the most important part of the company: the clients, the employees, and God. (Not necessarily in that order).  I was not able to find a company with the same principles and beliefs, and that is why I started a company of my own. I am building a company on faith and trust, and working to give employees the training they need and the empowerment to do right by the clients and company.  I want all of our employees to know how we are doing, so they can be part of the success... If no one knows the score, how will they know if they are winning?  All employees have a part in the company. 
Now, as the business owner, I manage all aspects of the business and insure that my company values are in line and are used in the day to day operations.  


~ David Stream